Sony RX100 MIII Samples

I have been eyeing the Sony RX100 MIII for the last few months and after reading many positive reviews I decided to add it to my camera collection. I am not going to go into any depth with specs about the camera as there is obviously a ton of info and tech reviews on the web already. In the first week of using this camera I am very impressed with not only the decent image quality but the user functionality and customization of it.

I was just about to make the purchase of the RX100 MIII 2 weeks ago, then at the last minute I decided I would try the Canon G7X first as it scored good reviews and apparently slightly better image quality (as scored by DXO Mark). I really disliked the Canon. Straight out of the box it was not up to my expectations. There was slight smudges on the rear buttons of the G7X and the build quality seemed kind of junky. Non the less I charged the battery and powered it up and was continually disappointed with the Canon G7X. It just didn’t feel right and I only took about 10-15 shots with it before I packaged it back up and returned it for the Sony. I should of just got the Sony :-).

I have been reluctant to purchase a Sony camera even though they have been nailing it lately. Up until now Sony for me has been a Stereo, TV, dvd player etc etc manufacturer. Not a camera company. But with the new A7 series and the RX series I think they are getting the ball rolling. In the first day I had the RX MIII I knew it was a hit. It shot well, was customizable and best of all, it was small! Like actually fit in your pocket small! I have been wanting a camera that could join me in my running pack, cycling jersey pocket, or just about anywhere! I was close to this when I had the Ricoh GR which had great image quality, but lacked a zoom lens ( I got used to that), had no wifi and was just a tad to big for a pocket. The Ricoh had great image quality and would still beat the RX100 MIII in that category, but everywhere else the Sony excels.

Here are a handful of photos from my first week with the Sony RX100 MIII.

Birthday Weekend!

This past weekend was my Birthday and all I wanted to do was to be outside with my wife (Eden) and dog (Rambo). We only had two days so the choice to head to Adirondacks was obvious. We were treated to crappy rain, cool temps and even some snow on Sunday morning. None the less we had a blast getting two solid days out in the High Peaks region. On Saturday we hiked up Giant and Rocky Ridge and on Sunday we made a quick hike up Cascade in winter like conditions. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

4 Days in the Dacks

I just got home from 4 days in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks and I was accompanied by my buddy Ryan Atkins. We ended up bagging 16 4000ft peaks with roughly 7000m total ascent and over a distance of 110km. We were treated to nature’s wonderful fall colour display and great weather. We started our trip Tuesday morning driving from Brooklin (Ontario) to Keene Valley where we made a usual quick (not really quick at all) stop at the Mountaineer to see if we can find anything new that isn’t available up in Canada. After our visit there we drove to the parking lot at Round Pond, which is the access to the Dix Range. We loaded our packs and stuffed 3.5 days worth of food and supplies in our packs and hit the trail.

The peaks we summited are in order of: Dix 4857ft, Hough 4409ft, South Dix 4060ft, East Dix 4006ft, Macomb Mountain 4405ft, Gray Peak 4840ft, Mt Marcy 5344ft (highest point in NY State), Basin 4827ft, Saddleback 4515ft, Gothics 4736ft, Sawteeth 4100ft, Mt Colvin 4057ft, Nippletop 4620ft, Dial Mtn 4020ft and Bear Den Mountain 3399ft. We hit the trailhead just after dark on Thursday evening a bit ahead of schedule (our third day out). On Friday we were headed back to Ontario but before we hit the road we opted to summit 2 more peaks before leaving. We hiked up Nye Mountain 3895ft and Street Mountain 4016ft. After this trip I have summited 32 peaks of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks Checklist.

One of the most exciting pieces of gear that I was bringing along was my new Fuji XT1 with a Fujinon XF 14mm F/2.8R lens :-). I was very excited to give this sweet little rig a run through the gears. I think the images that it captures are above and beyond what I expected.

Please see below for 16 images of our trip.

3 weeks in the Rockies.

We had roughly 3 weeks to pack in as much adventure into that time that we were able to, without losing too much sleep. We drove, hiked, backpacked, hiked more and tried to squeeze every last bit of the beautiful Rockies scenery into our summer visit. These are a select handful of photos from our trip. A more detailed trip report will follow. Enjoy!

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