A brief recap of some of the adventures from 2015

2015 was a great year for travel and learning. We made a handful of trips down to the Adirondacks as well as a road trip to the Rockies and then followed it up with a drive out to the East coast. I am sure 2016 will exceed 2015 in almost ever aspect…;-) 

Here are a handful of photos of significance to me from our adventures.

View from in front of our new house.

One of Yellowstone’s many beauties.

There is more wildlife in Yellowstone then any other place I have ever seen.

Hiking in Badlands National Park.

The view East over the Seven Sister, from the summit of Crowsnest Mountain.

Night sky in Muskoka.

Getting bashed on the summit of Haystack Mountain, Adirondacks.

Popular for good reason - the view of Peyto Lake, Banff.

Northern lights from Torrence Barrens Dark Sky Preserve.

Sunset over Cascade Mountain, Adirondacks.

View of the High Peaks, Adirondacks.

Cape Breton, NS.

3 Amigos in the Adirondacks.

You can get really close to the wildlife in Yellowstone:-)

Racing a train into the sunset.

Algonquin putting on a show for us.

Trying to capture the beauty of Algonquin Provincial Park in Fall.

My best partner in crime, while probably not having fun in this photo, still managed to smile:-)

The Summer of Travel

Summer is now over and I want to do a recap on what I got up to over the past few months. We did allot of driving this summer - from the Rockies to Cape Breton and everywhere in-between. It was the summer of driving across North America.  There is something surreal about driving west and chasing the sun across the prairies, there are poems, songs and books written about it.  I am always super excited driving towards the mountains, knowing what our trip is to hopefully become. 

I am going to be somewhat brief with the summer report, because if I were to go into detail, it would be a very lengthy blog post. Instead I will post more photos and add a caption to them :-). If you have any questions or would like beta or info let me know and I would be happy to help. Cheers.

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