West Trip Day 6 and 7!

Saturday we made a quick jaunt up Grotto Mountain in somewhat icy conditions. Once we crested the ridge, the winds greeted us in full force! I have forgotten how much I liked the ridge traverse from the North route to the summit of the peak. It was beautiful! 

Sunday we made a drive back the Icefields Parkway in cloudy conditions. Once we arrived at Wilcox Pass, it cleared a bit and we had dramatic light for the snowshoe up and around the pass. We didn’t see any wildlife this time, but did see lots of fresh wolf and cougar tracks in the windswept snow. Here are a few photos from the day, Cheers.

West Trip Day 5

Day 5 of training and playing in the Rockies. Adam, Emily and I snowshoed up Fairview Mountain and hit Saddleback Mountain on our way back down. The lighting was very easy on the eyes! I hope you enjoy the photos from our day! 

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